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Independence AND Peace of Mind!

Do you have an aging loved one who lives at a distance from you? Do you worry about them because you're so far away and they insist on staying independent in their home?

Imagine the peace of mind you'll feel knowing that anytime, 24/7, you're able to login to a dedicated, secure website and ensure Mom has accessed her medicine, had dinner, was able to shower and made it to bed safely. She's still independent and you're able to sleep peacefully -- 100 or 2000 miles away! 

SimplyHome® Virtual Care Management makes this happen! Seniors can live at home and enjoy their normal activities with the confidence their loved ones will be contacted "just in case" any problems arise. When unobtrusive sensors detect a potential need, an alert is sent immediately through text message, phone call, or email. While no accident is completely preventable, SimplyHome systems will immediately notify caregivers and family of actions or inactivity. The custom tailored system is unobtrusive, silent and require little or no maintenance -- at fractions of the cost to what an onsite care provider would be!

Services begin with an Assessment where your needs are discussed in detail to ensure this powerfully awesome system of independence is right for you and your loved one. Once the system is customized and the sensors are installed, it is ready to use. As your needs change, on-going assessment tools and trending reports assist in adjusting your system to meet the changing needs.

If SimplyHome sounds like it could be a solution for your situation, simply call or email and we'll go over the details in a no cost, no obligation assessment.

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